Seven Pillars on the Mississinewa

A couple weeks back, I went to visit Seven Pillars along the Mississinewa River, a sacred site for the Miami Indians. I drove from Marion, where my wife grew up and where her mother still lives, along the Frances Slocum Trail and the reservoir.

Random thoughts:

  1. tributary
  2. Miami’s sacred place, their last place
  3. Surprised it hasn’t been strip-mined or flooded
  4. limestone, luminscent
  5. banks of limestone
  6. forgot my camera, took some photos with my phone before it died
  7. gray water
  8. You should read Jared Carter. I should read more of him.
  9. limestone cliffs twenty or thirty feet high
  10. trash
  11. cedars growing in crevices in the limestone
  12. rooms and grottos
  13. ACRES Land Trust
  14. A 2′x2′ lid to a metal safe
  15. Peru, where the Mississinewa dumps into the Wabash
  16. Peru, where Cathy Day is from, the place that inspired The Circus in Winter
  17. Peru, where Circus Lane is down the road from the cemetery where the last Miami War Chief, Francis Godfroy, is buried
  18. The dam for the Mississinewa Reservoir seems entirely too large
  19. Carter’s poem Mississinewa Reservoir
  20. Near Marion, War of 1812 battlefields, where the Miami and other tribes began to feel the final push for removal
  21. LaFountaine and Fabulous 105
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